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I'm Abigail (She/Her)! I'm so happy to virtually meet you! I love podcasts, all things NASA, and coldbrew coffee year-round. When I'm not filming or editing, I'm probably writing, performing concerts around the house, or making travel itineraries.


I've been filming weddings for over seven years, and have been in love with filmmaking since high school. Telling love stories and creating lasting relationships with my clientfriends is what it's all about.

Some things that define me are...

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I travel as much as I can, whether it be with family, friends, or flying solo. I'll choose mountains over beaches any day, and I have a deep love of national parks. I'm always up for learning about new cultures, tasting new foods, and having new experiences. 

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As an ENFP, enneagram 2, HSP, and empath, I find myself drawn to people. This has led me to other careers as a licensed massage therapist and labor & postpartum doula, before ultimately pursuing videography.

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Loud & Proud


I have no problem being loud about the issues that matter to me! Being a queer woman, I'm most often outspoken about the LGBTQ+ community, and have worked and volunteered with Annapolis Pride since 2019. I'm also involved in conversations about human rights, body neutrality/positivity, and therapy.

If I could choose one vendor that went above and beyond before, during, and after our wedding, it's easily Abigail! She took the time to get to know us and hear what our vision was. On the wedding day, she was so positive, upbeat and professional, and made us feel at ease. I will proudly show Abigail's work to every last one of our friends and family members, or even a stranger in the Starbucks line!"

- Kaydee & Nick

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Abigail Coale Artist Etsy Abidoodle Productions

My Philosophy

Beyond crafting a beautiful wedding video, I specialize in two things - education and connection.


In prioritizing education, I can help my couples find the best fit for them. I don't want to sell you anything you don't want or need, and I want my pricing to be available and transparent. In addition to videography, I want you to feel ready to take on your big day. I've created a resource for Abidoodle couples with tons of tips, tricks, and recommended vendors to help your wedding planning process go as smoothly as possible.


When you hire me to capture your big day, you're not just hiring a videographer. I want to be just one step away from a friend, who will come to the rescue by catching falling floral arrangements, ushering away unwanted attention, grabbing drinks during family pictures, and making sure your veil doesn't fly away. I'm here for YOU before, on, and after your wedding day. I am proud to serve as your right hand woman, who also happens to be wielding a camera. If you're investing in me, trust that I'll be investing in you, too.



you're looking for more than just a wedding vendor

you can't wait to marry your best friend

you're super close with your families

you're not afraid to look stupid on the dance floor

you'd rather have the windows down, even if that means ruining your hair

your wedding vision involves a lot of color

you and your partner both value wedding videography

you know you'll watch your wedding video again and again

you believe Black lives matter and love is love

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