hey y'all!

I'm Abigail. I'm a lifelong Annapolitan, hopeless romantic, and ENFP who's always up for adventure. Ziplining over Niagara Falls? Hiking waterfalls in Jamaica? Spraining an ankle trying to get into a Venetian gondola? Yep, that's me!

I've been behind the camera since I was a kid. After falling in love with film in high school and graduating with a Film Studies degree in 2015, I snagged my first wedding and have been riding the wave ever since!

I love peppermint mochas, bullet journaling, all things NASA, and my signature orange sunglasses. When I'm not filming or editing, I perform concerts in my shower, listen to an infinite playlist of podcasts, and make plans to travel (everywhere and anywhere). I'm also a Maryland licensed massage therapist and labor doula.

what makes me different 

If you're looking for an affordable videographer with a personality to win you over, you've found her. When you work with Abidoodle Productions, you can expect an entire experience of flexibility and comfort. Personal connection is my specialty – beyond a beautiful wedding video, I strive to be a friend and right-hand-woman to every couple I work with. You can count on me to be receptive to your unique ideas, and available to answer any questions you have during the entire process. 

Photo courtesy of Alana Renee


I'm a huge podcast nerd. At this point I listen to more podcasts than music (but if I am listening to music, it's usually showtunes).

Some of my favorites are My Brother, My Brother, and Me, The Adventure Zone, and Punch Up the Jam.

I love love love to travel, and have been to 7 countries and 34 states! I'm always looking for my next adventure.

I'll choose mountains over beaches every time. I worked a summer in Wyoming, and I miss the skyline every day.

I'm a huge NASA nerd, thanks to my dad. I've been on the VIP tours at the spaces centers in Houston and Huntsville, and those are some of my favorite life experiences.

I can't wait to see what's next for space exploration!

based in Annapolis, MD

serving MD, DE, VA, PA

& everywhere else!