Frank & Heather | Wedding Highlights

Meeting Frank and Heather was like striking gold in the world of weddings. I could not have asked for a more fun, kind, and grateful couple with whom I'd spend an April Saturday. Their wedding day was full of energy, from getting ready and exchanging gifts, to the electric moment Frank saw his bride at the church, all the way to the end of the dance-filled reception. In Heather's words, "a slice of cake, a sip of champagne, and that sounds to me like the best day ever." "Being with Frank feels like being home," Heather told me when asked how she knew Frank was The One. "It was impossible NOT to know that she was The One," Frank said. After meeting through co-workers, these two had plenty of

Book a FREE Engagement Video Session!

As a creative who loves connecting with people, I'm always looking for better ways to get to know a couple before I film their wedding. I aim to build a rapport with the couples I work with, and celebrate with them on their big day. I've always been envious of photographers – they have an engagement session with the bride and groom to-be! This allows them to get to know their clients as individuals and as a couple, and figure out their dynamic so they know how to best serve them at the wedding. So I've been thinking... why can't I do that? For new 2019 wedding video contracts, I am offering a FREE engagement session (a $200 value)! This applies to all standard, deluxe, or premium video packa

Travel Tuesday | Disneyworld 2018

Travel should be my middle name! Over the past few years, I've been incredibly fortunate to see lots of amazing places, and I'm always planning for what's next (yes, I'm a full-blown itinerary traveler). Last year was the most notable for new adventures - I visited 6 new states and 7 new countries! Most recently though, I went to Disneyworld in March with my family. I'm basically a seven-year-old at heart, and though I never went to Disneyworld as a kid, it is beyond magical as an adult! I'm so excited to share my experiences with you! The Epcot Flower & Garden Festival was so much fun! It was so exciting to stroll through Epcot and spot all our favorite characters carved out of topiary and

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