May 27, 2020

Elopements. They're all the rage right now. They were, even before the pandemic hit. And if you're the kind of person who has always dreamed of an elopement - that's awesome! They are super dreamy, and can be as adventurous or simple as you'd like. 

BUT. If you've always dreamed of having a wedding with your whole extended family, a big white dress, and the whole nine yards, that's okay, too!...

May 6, 2020

I don't need to tell you that the coronavirus pandemic has uprooted just about everyone's 2020 plans. Couples and small event businesses alike are having to make some difficult decisions as wedding season forges ahead with no weddings in sight. If you were planning a 2020 wedding that is now being threatened by COVID-19, I wanted to put together a few actionable steps for you to take to prepare fo...

July 22, 2019

The week of the wedding, consolidate your shoes, rings, jewelry, cufflinks, pock square, hanger, invitations, and other details into a box or bag - one for you, and one for your partner. This will save so much time when your photographer and videographer are ready for detail shots, and will make sure you stay organized and don't leave the earrings at home!

June 20, 2019

It just might be a topic forever – do I really need a videographer at my wedding? I could tell you yes a hundred times, but I know I come off biased. Don't take my word for it – see what these real brides have to say on the matter.

"I hired one. Definitely one of the best decisions. It's true, the day goes by so quickly, so having that video to look back on is amazing. We watched ours 3 days after...

May 28, 2019

After chatting with a newly engaged friend the other day, it occurred to me how important it is to choose the right wedding venue. This is typically your very first step toward wedding planning so you can nail down a date and have a region to locate other vendors. But what makes a wedding venue the right fit for you and your soon-to-be spouse?

May 8, 2019

Wedding days can be filled with unexpected twists and turns, and one way you can stay ahead of the game is by preparing a Wedding Day Emergency Kit. Don't let small stains, dress snags, or hunger get in the way of your big day! Consider having with you the items below, and any other personal additions, just in case.

March 26, 2019

If you've been in the wedding world for a while now, whether it's planning your own or contributing to them, you've probably heard the term "unplugged ceremony." If you haven't, an unplugged ceremony means asking the wedding guests to refrain from taking any mobile pictures or videos during the ceremony. This may or may not include sharing photos and videos on social media, as well.

As a profession...

February 27, 2019

It's long been debated, and will continue to be, whether or not videography is a necessity when it comes to wedding planning. Often, it's the last check mark on a bride or groom's wedding vendor list, if it makes the list at all. You already have the big ticket item - your photographer - so is it really necessary to have a videographer, too?

The short answer? Yes!

Other than the fact that this is on...

April 11, 2018

You've already hired a photographer, an essential for any wedding day. You'll receive digital images to save and share, and maybe an album and prints to display at home. These photos will remind you of the day you said "I do," and will be shown to future generations. But this shouldn't be the only way you preserve the memory of your wedding day.

Let me tell you why.

From beginning to end, there will...