Sara & Evan | Wedding Highlights

I knew right away that I would get along with Evan and Sara when we sat down for coffee to discuss their upcoming wedding. They were calm and collected, but excited, as they drew together the final details. They were warm and inviting not only as a couple, but as individuals. I saw their spark right away, and couldn't wait to see them again on the Big Day.

Sara was totally calm (at least externally) as her bridesmaids poured mimosas and fixed their hair. Her mother pulled out her own wedding album, and the ladies flipped through it, pointing out family members and outdated styles. Proving himself to be the sweetest groom, Evan sent a bouquet to the house where she was getting ready before the ceremony.

Their ceremony was a true testament to their love for each other. As the bride made her way down the aisle, her groom held back tears. Sara's uncle officiated the wedding, welcoming Evan to the family, and sharing biblical passages with great meaning to both of them. You could so plainly see their love for each other as they repeated the vows, exchanged rings, and shared their first kiss as Husband and Wife. I hardly ever get choked up during ceremonies, but this one got me.