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Wedding Wednesday | Recommended Vendors | Floral Expressions by Jennifer

This week for Wedding Wednesday, I am so pleased to bring Jennifer McLaughlin, owner of Floral Expressions by Jennifer, to the blog! Jennifer and her team, serving the greater Baltimore area, create absolutely stunning arrangements for all occasions. Just wait until you see her work! Whether it's center pieces, ceremony arches, hair pieces, or bouquets, I can't recommend her enough for all your floral needs. Keep reading to learn bit more about Jennifer and her business!

How and when did you become interested in your field?

I came upon this career by accident. Working as a cashier at a florist for the summer is a very slow season, so I started designing and within two weeks I was in the design department.

What's your favorite part of the process?

I absolutely love the look of love on my clients face, the tears in their eyes, when they see their flowers. And I love when the room is set up and waiting for the guests to arrive.

What can people expect when they place and receive an order?

I hope that they realize that I understand the vision and how it will come to life on their special day.

What do you wish people knew before/while selecting wedding florals?

It’s always good to have some sort of idea before the meeting. Even if it’s just a theme or a color. If you know what your addresses will look like and what venue you're using it’s easier to envision everything together.

What sets Floral Expressions apart from other florists?

I try to treat every wedding like it’s my own, adding special touches where I can. I hope after meeting me they see how much I love what I do and that that makes them excited to work with me.

Do you have a favorite combo/look when it comes to arrangements?

I truly love and appreciate all flowers.

What's the best way for clients to reach you?

Facebook messaging and texting (410 661-6224) usually gets the quickest response because if I am in an appointment or on a delivery it’s a quicker way to ask questions.

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