Josh & Julie | Wedding Highlights

"Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale." - Melissa Brown

This is certainly true for Josh & Julie, and was reflected in their enchanting April wedding. I was gushing while going through their footage - their love for each other is so genuine and transparent.

After meeting at the gym and having their first official date at Red Robin, it didn't take long for Josh & Julie to become inseparable. I asked each of them when they knew that this was the real deal.

"My son, Colton, is an extension of myself," Josh said. As soon as Colton met Julie, he took her on as his mom. "Her and I connect on a level no one really understands because of this. But when we're not being parents, our goofy personalities make living so much fun."

"I knew Josh was 'The One' when he continued to deal with me when I'm at my crankiest (which is often)."

It was a regular Wednesday afternoon when Josh took Julie for a walk at Downs Park. "He asked me out of nowhere and I wasn't expecting it at all!" She recalls. After she said yes, her parents and his parents came out of hiding to congratulate them, along with her now stepson, Colton, who gifted her with a single yellow rose. "I was feeling very emotional, and couldn't stop crying."

Photos courtesy of Photo Lare Photography

As an emotional person myself, I LOVE filming emotional brides. I know that sounds a little silly, but it's true! Whatever Julie was feeling was written all over her face, and it makes their footage so authentic and pure. Their love was in the subtle things - the way Josh brushed Julie's back with his hand when he lef