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Book a FREE Engagement Video Session!

As a creative who loves connecting with people, I'm always looking for better ways to get to know a couple before I film their wedding. I aim to build a rapport with the couples I work with, and celebrate with them on their big day. I've always been envious of photographers – they have an engagement session with the bride and groom to-be! This allows them to get to know their clients as individuals and as a couple, and figure out their dynamic so they know how to best serve them at the wedding.

So I've been thinking... why can't I do that?

For new 2019 wedding video contracts, I am offering a FREE engagement session (a $200 value)! This applies to all standard, deluxe, or premium video packages booked for 2019, with couples residing in (or willing to travel to) Maryland. But let's address the elephant in the room – what would an engagement video even look like?

An engagement video session with Abidoodle Productions will consist of two parts – video and audio. For the video portion, it won't be unlike engagement photography. They will just be moving images! We'll find a picturesque spot as a backdrop to capture candid and intimate moments with you & your fiancé. For the audio portion, we'll do a quick and easy interview. How did you meet? What do you love most about each other? What was the proposal like? What are you most looking forward to at the wedding? I'll overlay this audio with the video we shoot. Not only will this session serve as a get-to-know-you, it will also produce a simple and beautiful 1-2 minute video for you to share before the wedding. (You could even use it as a video save-the-date announcement!) Because this is such a special milestone in your life, an engagement video will only contribute to preserving these memories!

If you're interested in booking a wedding package with Abidoodle Productions, check out all my packages and pricing here. If you're interested in an engagement video session without booking a 2019 wedding package, shoot me a message!

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