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Frank & Heather | Wedding Highlights

Meeting Frank and Heather was like striking gold in the world of weddings. I could not have asked for a more fun, kind, and grateful couple with whom I'd spend an April Saturday. Their wedding day was full of energy, from getting ready and exchanging gifts, to the electric moment Frank saw his bride at the church, all the way to the end of the dance-filled reception. In Heather's words, "a slice of cake, a sip of champagne, and that sounds to me like the best day ever."

"Being with Frank feels like being home," Heather told me when asked how she knew Frank was The One. "It was impossible NOT to know that she was The One," Frank said. After meeting through co-workers, these two had plenty of fun dating memories, including spending endless dollars at the Federal Hill parking garage because of Heather's inability to parallel park, Frank offering to be the sober driver so Heather could do a late night Wawa run, and Heather pretending not to notice him sweat when he planned the perfect Valentine's dinner but failed to notice the fixed menu pricing. And, of course, one of Frank's favorite memories - "We were in Jamaica on a horseback ride, but not just any horseback ride. These horses are trained to gallop through the Caribbean Ocean. Usually they are well trained and they follow in single file, but Heather got a rogue horse and it darted away from the pack and Heather slowly fell off the horse like it was in slow-motion. It was quite the scene."

And the proposal? Maybe not as funny in the moment as it is in hindsight. "The weather definitely did not cooperate and what was supposed to be 45 and sunny ended up being 35 and very foggy. Originally the plan was to sit on a bench (the bench we had sat on during one of our first few dates) and have the family sneak up and take pictures covertly while I popped the question. The problems were two-fold, Heather refused to sit on the bench and there was a group of people filming a rap video a few feet away," Frank explained. But it turned okay. Well, more than okay. "In that moment I don't think I could have told you what the weather was, or how I had been complaining of it being cold moments before - I only remember hearing '2 years, 5 months and 21 days ago...'" Heather remembers. "The rest was a moment of pure bliss that will never be re-created as long as I live. It was my once in a lifetime moment. I was overjoyed and elated. I felt loved and so complete - it was my fairytale, and I never saw it coming."

All the coordination of the proposal and the big day paid off - what an incredible wedding! Heather and Frank made a stunning couple, and were on the dance floor until the very end. Though I knew it would be hard to narrow down, I asked each of them what their favorite moment of the day was.

"I think that moment right before we entered our reception was such a moment of complete joy." Heather said. "We anxiously awaited to enter the room filled with all of our favorite people in the world, as husband and wife and were led by our best friends and family. It was pure magic and adrenaline combined." Frank's favorite moment was what he was most looking forward to during the engagement. "I am excited to see the church doors open while I am standing at the altar and see my very very soon-to-be wife walk towards me." He told me before the big moment. "That will be the first time I will see her in her dress and it's going to be a moment I know I will remember for the rest of my life."

It was SUCH a pleasure to work with Heather, Frank, and their families. I'm wishing only the best for Mr. & Mrs. Lozupone!

Check out their highlight reel below. Make sure to change the quality and watch in HD!

Lots of love to their incredible vendors!

Venue: Westin Annapolis Hotel

Church: St. Mary's Annapolis Parish

Coordinator: Krista Chalfont Photography: Matthew Sowa Photography Videography: Abidoodle Productions Videography Florist: Little House of Flowers

Cake: Sweet Hearts Patisserie Hair/Makeup: MakeUp My Day By VK Band/DJ: NYX Entertainment & Events

Dress: Ellie's Bridal

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