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My Favorite Wedding Video Moments

I've been filming weddings for over three years now, and you can bet I've seen some extraordinary moments filled with energy, joy, laughter, and love. What better way to showcase those things than to put together a list of my absolute favorite wedding video moments (in no particular order)?

1. Preston & Jennifer - Classy Groom

Jennifer got to the end of the aisle (with everyone holding back tears), and Preston bowed to her as they turned to face the officiant. My heart!

2. Tyler & Kerstin - The Ring Bearer Steals the Show

This little man made his way down the aisle, then decided to do a 180 and head back down to see Kerstin! Tyler ended up going down the aisle to bring him to the front, and it made for an adorable ceremony opener.

3. Austin & Amanda - Dad's First Look

This video gets me every time. You can learn everything you need to know about this dad/daughter relationship as he sees his little girl as a bride for the first time.

4. Jonathan & Tara - My Girl

Family tradition states that when an Attman man gets married, they all get on stage and serenade the bride. This was so sweet, and so much fun!

5. Julie & Josh - Cake Cutting

I never know for sure if a couple plans to smash cake in each other's faces or be proper about it. I'm definitely biased toward the smashing, as it makes for much better footage...

6. Brad & Jennie - "You Look So Beautiful"

As I was editing their wedding video, I realized I captured something extra special. You can see Brad mouth "you look so beautiful" to his bride during the ceremony.

7. Lucas & Rebecca - Grape Stomp

The perk of getting married at a winery? Make your own wine! Or... just stomp some grapes, and be super cute about it like Lucas and Rebecca.

8. Sarah & Steve - Throw the Confetti

I will always be in love with this ceremony closer at Steve and Sarah's wedding. Nothing says celebration like a million tiny pieces of confetti.

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