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Kimmy & Brad | Wedding Highlights

After admiring each other from afar since middle school, Kimmy & Brad both had to travel over an hour for their first date alone. "She was so much fun to be around and I just knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her," Brad recalled after a night full of laughter.

"I loved that he didn't let the long distance relationship scare him or get in the way. It was so sweet and I think we both knew from the beginning that this is who we were supposed to end up with!" Kimmy said.


Kimmy had always dreamed of descending stone steps on her wedding day as she came down the aisle. The Steppingstone Farm Museum was clearly the perfect venue to make this wish come true. The romantic autumn atmosphere was almost effortless here, and it served as the dreamiest backdrop for Kimmy & Brad's big day.

"On the day that Kimmy and I first kissed we went to a movie together," Brad told me. "After the movie, there was a basketball arcade game by the front door. Since I knew we were both athletic I made a deal with her that if she beat me I had to kiss her, but if I beat her she would have to kiss me. I went first and I had a pretty decent score, but then it was Kimmy's turn. She was completely destroying me and somehow the game shut off. To this day she still thinks I turned it off. We were just sitting there laughing and I said, 'Well I guess this means we aren't supposed to kiss.' In the end I knew she beat me so I ended up kissing her."

"I used to always annoy Brad with proposal ideas, and it seems like anytime we would have a nice date I would immediately ask if he was going to propose to me," Kimmy remembered. "One night he was taking me to Longwood Gardens to see all of the Christmas lights. When I came outside he was standing next to his car and pretended to get down on one knee and completely ripped his pants. I was so confused with emotions because I thought I was getting proposed to, but once he told me it was just a joke I just laughed at his pants!"

What were Kimmy & Brad most excited for on their wedding day?

"We had been planning it for over a year and I was just so excited for it to finally be here and see it all happen!" Kimmy said. "I was most excited to see my beautiful bride walk down the aisle, and to see everything work out how we planned it to," Brad added. "I must say I think everything was perfect."

Check out Kimmy & Brad's wedding video below! Be sure to watch in HD.

Their wedding day wouldn't have been complete without these vendors! 🎥: Abidoodle Productions Videography 📸: Paige Victoria Photography 🏛: Steppingstone Farm Museum 💐: The Twisted Vine Wedding and Event Florals 👗: Brides and Grooms Inc. 💆🏻‍♀️: Stephens Hair Works 🍰: Sweet Eats Cakes 🍴: Mission BBQ

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