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Tips For Wedding Week Prep

When your wedding day rolls around, it may or may not be total chaos. Here are a few tips to keep to tidy, organized, and calm on your big day.

1. Tidy Up

Thirty minutes before your photo and video teams are scheduled to arrive, do a quick sweep of the room you're getting ready in. Most of the time, extra purses, bags, shoes, and clothes get left out as everyone is getting dressed, but these can be real eye sores when it comes to your footage. To prepare for the photos and make sure no one is tripping over miscellaneous items, tuck everything away until you need it.

2. Consolidate Wedding Details

The week of the wedding, consolidate your shoes, rings, jewelry, cufflinks, pock square, hanger, invitations, and other details into a box or bag - one for you, and one for your partner. This will save so much time when your photographer and videographer are ready for detail shots, and will make sure you stay organized and don't leave the earrings at home!

3. Build an Emergency Kit

Don't let a snag, stain, or spill ruin your day. To be prepared for anything, build yourself a wedding day emergency kit. Things like safety pins, clear nail polish, and Q-tips can go a long way! Find a full list of suggestions here.

4. Breathe

Before the big day, find some breathing or visualization techniques that work for you. Try something simple like the "dragon breath" technique - breathing in through one nostril and breathing out through the other - or the 4-7-8 exercise - breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, breathe out through your mouth for eight seconds, and repeat. This can allow you to slow down long enough to find a solution for a stressful situation.

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