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Real Brides Say "Don't Skip the Videographer!"

It just might be a topic forever – do I really need a videographer at my wedding? I could tell you yes a hundred times, but I know I come off biased. Don't take my word for it – see what these real brides have to say on the matter.

"I hired one. Definitely one of the best decisions. It's true, the day goes by so quickly, so having that video to look back on is amazing. We watched ours 3 days after our wedding and realized then that we had already forgotten some things that happened that day." - Jessica D.

"A videographer should be a non-negotiable item. Had I not chosen to have one, I would not have had the opportunity to see my groom’s full beautiful reaction as I walked down the aisle. He started crying before the doors even opened. Cut something else out of the budget if need be. PERIOD." - Amber G.

"If anybody is on the fence about getting a videographer, do not hesitate!!!! Soooo worth it!!!" - Jen B.

"INVEST IN A VIDEOGRAPHER!!!! The day went by so quick and I truthfully don’t even remember being in this moment, but now I can watch it over and over and over again." - Olivia S.

"Photos capture moments. Video fills in the blanks between those moments AND captures emotion. DO IT, LADIES!" - Charisse M.

"I am soooo happy that we made some room in our budget so that we could have a videographer. They captured memories & moments from the day in a different way and we loved it." - Dara L.

"If you guys are still debating hiring a videographer, I wholeheartedly believe that hiring a videographer was one of the best decisions we made in wedding planning. I knew I'd regret it if we didn't have one, and now I am sure that it was the right decision!" - Stefanie B.

"With my dad and first husband now passed away, my first wedding video means everything to me. You may wish you had a videographer years down the road." - Jenny H.

"Hiring a videographer was one of our best wedding decisions! In my opinion videography is just as important as photography. The day goes by so quickly that there are bound to be little moments that you miss or forget. To be able to hear us say our vows again, hear speeches from our loved ones, see our first dance again is absolutely priceless!" - Bonnie C.

"Once the day is over it’s over, and once you look through pictures that’s it. I feel like a video will always be there to bring you back to the sound and atmosphere of such a wonderful day without being there." - April S.

"I loved my video more than my photos! The day goes by so fast it’s nice to be able to sit back and rewatch it and remember all the fun times that you had!" - Ashlee P.

"Best decision ever, don’t skip the videographer!!!!" - Brittany A.

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