Opinion: You Don't Have To Elope If You Want a Big Wedding

Elopements. They're all the rage right now. They were, even before the pandemic hit. And if you're the kind of person who has always dreamed of an elopement - that's awesome! They are super dreamy, and can be as adventurous or simple as you'd like.

BUT. If you've always dreamed of having a wedding with your whole extended family, a big white dress, and the whole nine yards, that's okay, too! And you shouldn't have to settle with an elopement if you know a big wedding is your dream.

I've seen SO many wedding vendors really pushing their couples to elope now that big weddings are restricted indefinitely. And again, if that's something you're interested in, I encourage that! It's a great alternative for some.

For other couples, I think it's important that vendors understand their clients' mindset. We have to respect that elopements - just like weddings - aren't for everyone. And as an engaged person, YOU! SHOULDN'T! HAVE! TO! SETTLE! You deserve to have your dream wedding, and your vendors should understand that may mean you need to postpone it to 2021. (That doesn't mean vendors can't have policies and fees in place to make that happen.)

Maybe I'm reading too far into the situation, and couples know they can freely express that they want to have a big wedding. But if you happen to be feeling even the slightest bit guilty that you aren't just eloping instead this year - don't! If time is what it takes to give you your dream wedding experience, your vendors should understand. Don't sacrifice your happiness for convenience. Don't sacrifice your happiness on our behalf.

Wedding planning during a pandemic is something I probably won't ever fully grasp, but I do know it must be HELLA stressful, on top of regular wedding planning stress. I want you to know - I'm on your team, whatever that means. I want to be a part of your wedding, whether it's tomorrow in your backyard, or in two more years at the venue of your dreams.

It's your wedding, and you should be the one in control!

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