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Best Friends Photo Shoot - Sam & Cayla

Let me hit you with this - a BFF photo shoot.

Have you ever considered getting photos with your best friend(s)? It is SO much fun, and the best way to get a gallery full of Instagram-worthy pictures (or the perfect Christmas card). Everyone loves an excuse to dress up, right?

I had so much fun with Sam and Cayla in Downtown Annapolis. I filmed Sam's wedding this September, with Cayla as her maid of honor, and was genuinely thrilled when she reached out to book a photo session. In getting to know them both during Sam's wedding day, and even more during our photo shoot, it's clear how these two wonderful people became best friends.

I don't think we give enough credit to the friendships in our life that help build us up to become the best versions of ourselves. There is so much emphasis on our romantic partners that friendships are often overlooked. Through girl scouts and Gilmore Girls re-runs, these two have grown into better people together. As Sam said while we were shooting, "We just like to laugh."

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