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What's The Point Of A Wedding Video, Anyway?

You've already hired a photographer, an essential for any wedding day. You'll receive digital images to save and share, and maybe an album and prints to display at home. These photos will remind you of the day you said "I do," and will be shown to future generations. But this shouldn't be the only way you preserve the memory of your wedding day.

Let me tell you why.

From beginning to end, there will be moments during your big day that you'll want to be captured thoroughly.

Whether it's getting dressed....

Catching a wink from your fiancée...

Or smashing cake in each other's faces.

Not only does a video allow you to see moving images and re-live the emotions of your wedding, it can also capture something photos can't - audio! If your videographer is equipped with microphones, you can also save the silly conversations you have while getting ready, the vows you speak to your spouse during your ceremony, and the speeches your Maid of Honor or Best Man deliver at your reception. You can hear the officiant declare you as Husband & Wife. You can listen to your guests' reactions as you enter the room to celebrate as Mr. & Mrs.

Why spend the extra money to hire a wedding videographer? Because on one of the biggest days of your life, you deserve to savor every single moment of joy.


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