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As a queer woman in the wedding industry, I was so frustrated at how difficult it was to find wedding vendors who enthusiastically supported LGBTQ+ couples, and how rare LGBTQ+ representation is. I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding with these frustrations. It's my hope that the representation and visibility on my website and social media feeds prevents anyone needing to email me to ask, "Do you shoot gay weddings?"

No one should ever need to verify if they are a worthy customer. And so, I created this LGBTQ+ wedding resource guide to ensure that you will be well taken care of while you plan your big day.

Please note that this list allows anyone who supports queer couples to join, once initially screened by me. I have not worked with all of these vendors, and you'll want to do your own research to make sure they are a good fit for you. If you have any questions, my inbox is open!

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