My Favorite Wedding Video Moments

I've been filming weddings for over three years now, and you can bet I've seen some extraordinary moments filled with energy, joy, laughter, and love. What better way to showcase those things than to put together a list of my absolute favorite wedding video moments (in no particular order)? 1. Preston & Jennifer - Classy Groom Jennifer got to the end of the aisle (with everyone holding back tears), and Preston bowed to her as they turned to face the officiant. My heart! 2. Tyler & Kerstin - The Ring Bearer Steals the Show This little man made his way down the aisle, then decided to do a 180 and head back down to see Kerstin! Tyler ended up going down the aisle to bring him to the front, and

Jeff & Meaghan | Wedding Highlights

As May 19th approached, we weren't sure if the weather was going to hold out for us. It had been raining for what seemed like forever, and it was still barely drizzling as I drove out to western MD for Jeff & Meaghan's big day. "We really didn't want it to rain, and it rained this morning which they said is a good thing, but right now it's not raining." Jeff told me. "[Meaghan's] dad was saying how her mom, who passed away, is pulling some strings up there to make sure the rain doesn't come, and she definitely is. It's really cool to see the weather holding out." Through all of the hiccups - the uncertainty of the rain, a friend in labor, a groomsman fender bender - Jeff & Meaghan stayed cal

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