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Fall Family Session in Seneca Creek State Park | Frederick Photographer

I was thrilled to get a chance to work with this beautiful family this season, and check out the foliage at Seneca Creek State Park! I hadn't been before, so I arrived early to scout our meeting location. This overlook offered everything we needed - gorgeous golden leaves, pathways through the woods, waterfront views, and even a flat spot to settle onto a picnic blanket.

Family sessions can be challenging with adventurous kiddos or playful pups, so here's my biggest piece of advice: As long as you look happy about whatever they're doing, we'll get a shot! See some of the highlights below!

a young family stands on a trail at seneca creek state park in front of waterfront reflections of orange and yellow foliage
a young ginger girl rides on her dad's shoulders while her mom smile up at her as they all walk through the woods with fall colors
a young ginger girl walks along a path in a cream dress and taupe boots, eventually sitting down on the rocks
a young family sits on a picnic blanket with their corgi with views of the water and fall foliage
a young family, including mom, dad, corgi, and toddler, smiles at the camera in seneca state park
a young couple admire each other, one in a green sweater and one in a beige dress, in front of fall foliage and waterfront views
left photo shows a young ginger girl in a marigold dress smiling and looking off camera while her parents smile at her our of focus in the background; right photo shows the toddler in a cream dress with a happy surprised expression as her parents swing her between them


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