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Absolute JEM | Annapolis Branding Session

In late 2020, I came across Jenna from Absolute Jem, who specializes in custom branding and website design. Since I began filming weddings in 2015, I had always done everything myself – my logo, my colors, my website. For a brief period of time, I used a logo I paid $40 for, but I knew it was time to elevate my brand. Enter, Jenna. She turned my core values into a vibrant & fun branding suite with new logos, color palette, and icons. It was absolutely magical.

I've gone back to Jenna for many projects since, including The DMV Wedding Pros Podcast and Blog, and my newest venture, Vibrant Visions Co. Needless to say, I was SO excited when Jenna reached out for new branding photos and videos! Jenna has given me so much, and it was an honor to return the favor.

Our branding session including videos - a splash video for her website, bts content, and edited reels - and a photo gallery with a variety of images like head shots, in-action shots, and evergreen stock images. We used props with the help of Caroline Bell Creative, including pom poms, confetti, and colorful pens. With three outfits, multiple backdrops, and diverse props, we had a blast curating an update for Jenna's photos!

a light and airy office setup with creams and pinks and pops of greenery
rose bar and styled office shelving
a custom branded mug on a coaster; a woman scrolls through instagram at her desk
a woman sits at her desk, wearing a black and white patterned blazer; typing on a keyboard and checking her phone
bright and airy sitting room with cream couch and light wood accents; a woman wearing a black and white patterned blazer and white jeans sits on the couch with her laptop open as she chats on the phone with a client
a woman wearing a white tee shirt and pink skirt types on her laptop with a tropical case cover
Jenna from absolute jem holds her laptop and smiles toward a window; holds branded mug in front of her
a woman in a white tee shirt and pink skirt sits on a cream couch and writes in notebook with teal pen
a woman wearing pink heart sunglasses on her head smiles at the ceiling cheekily
a woman wearing pink heart sunglasses peers over them and winks at the camera
Jenna from absolute Jem throws colorful confetti in the air
shades of pink and blue confetti rain down on smiling woman in pink skirt
beige carpet covered in shades of blue and pink confetti
plastic crystal white and pink gems fall into woman's outstretched hands; gems spill out of ceramic pink macaron
a collection of styling items, including a paint desk, colorful markers, pom poms, pink heart sunglasses, and branded mug
flat marble surface accented with pink pen and heart sunglasses
woman types on her computer and checks instagram
woman sits on white and cream bedding while typing on her laptop and talking on the phone
Jenna from absolute jem sits on cream bed and types on computer while she smiles out the window
woman in jeans and gray t shirt headshot against white wall


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