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Carrie & Victoria | Queer Engagement Session at Brookeville Beer Farm

Before moving across the country to California, Carrie reached out to me about an engagement shoot at Brookeville Beer Farm, a place she and her partner Victoria visited often. I'd been wanting to do a portrait shoot at a location we could really have fun with, and this was the perfect place.

It turns out we scheduled our session for the perfect time of year because the zinnias were in bloom! The plants and trees were also so green and bright. All of the grounds were beautiful with flower gardens, walkways, and water features.

Not only was Brookeville Beer Farm an awesome location to shoot, the staff couldn't have been more welcoming, even giving Carrie and Victoria complimentary beers to celebrate their engagement! If you're nearby, definitely check it out.

an engaged couple walks hand in hand on a pathway underneath the brookeville beer farm sign
Victoria, wearing a white button up and black pants, kisses her partner Carrie, wearing a red asymmetrical jumpsuit, on the forehead; Victoria and Carrie walk hand in hand down a pathway with the brookeville beer farm logo on the cement
an engaged couple rests their foreheads together with their eyes closed with red flower spotting the background
a yellow butterfly rests on a purple zinnia; an engaged couple rests their foreheads together amongst a zinnia garden
Victoria, in a white button up and black pants, kisses her partner, Carrie, on the cheek as they embrace
a queer engaged couple cuddle up in a zinnia garden
two engaged queer people embrace in a zinnia garden
Carries rests her left hand on her partner's bicep, showing her engagement ring and tattooed forearm, as they kiss
a queer engaged couple, Victoria and Carrie, kiss surrounded by greenery
Victoria kisses Carrie's head as they sit at a picnic table; a couple clinks their beers together
Carrie and Victoria, a queer engaged couple, smile at each other as they hold hands across the table
Carrie and her partner Victoria tap their plastic beer cups, garnished with an orange slice, together and smile
a queer lesbian engaged couple drink their brinks with their arms intertwined
a queer lesbian tattooed couple drink their beers with their arms intertwined; a couple shows off their engagement rings as they rest their hands on the table next to their beers


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