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Magothy Event Co Branding | Maryland Brand + Corporate Photographer

When Sara and Alli of S.D. Events reached out to me for their new project las year, I was beyond thrilled. They had already established themselves as planners for bright & bold weddings, and were slowly getting ready to launch a whole new venture: Magothy Event Co. Instead of planning, Magothy Event Co specializes in event rentals and design. Colorful lounge furniture, funky rugs, backdrops, and they even rent out detail kits for the perfect flat lays!

After we chatted about their vision for their branding shoot, I curated a customized shot list to make sure we got everything we needed. For Magothy, this meant a few different categories.

two women throw pastel confetti and laugh at each other

Furniture, which would include images of all their pieces to be able to list their inventory online.

four colorful lounge chairs and a plant lined up on a white wall
close up of decorative end tables with plants
close up of orange wingback chair and colorful red and pink rug

Flat Lays, to show off the wide variation of details they carry like ribbon, stamps, ring boxes, dishes and trays, etc.

flat lay white and purple wedding suite on an orange background with stamps, florals, and accessories
details of flay lay kits, including stamps, ring box, scissors, and ribbon
black and white wedding flat lay and a woman fixing a bright orange and purple flat lay

Headshots, including Sara and Alli individually as well as together, in-action shots of their work, and what I call "stock shots" that are evergreen, like holding a phone or typing on a computer.

Sara and Alli, business owners, lean on each other and smile at the camera
headshots of women in blue and purple on white wall
sunglasses and sticky notes sit on top of a purple ottoman; woman sits at desk at laptop where there is a sticker that reads "my small business is not a hobby"

The best part about branding with Abidoodle Productions? Magothy bundled photo AND video! They also received a website splash video, and Instagram reels (pre-made, with precise instructions on how to post).

Images like these are a simple way to completely elevate your brand, business, or product. I know I'm biased as a brand photographer myself, but photos are the best investment you can make because they're so versatile! Magothy Event Co's branding gallery can be used over and over again on their website, social media, print copy, proposals, marketing, and anything else they can think of!


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