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Tyler & Kerstin | Wedding Highlights

You get to know a lot about a bride and groom throughout their wedding day. How they react around the buzzing nervous energy, the personal little details in the decor, the embarrassing stories shared by the Best Man at the reception. And if you're really lucky, as I often am, you'll get to know them not only as individuals, but as a couple. You get to see them interact with each other, sharing this milestone, embracing family and friends as they start a new chapter. Being a part of this genuineness is the best part of the job.

It was no different at Tyler & Kerstin's wedding. You could see in their exchanges how in love they are. Finding those golden moments in my footage - like when you can read Tyler's lips saying how beautiful she is, or just them laughing with each other - is inspiring.

I knew I could connect with them knowing they were huge Ravens fans, and both were one of four siblings. (Big families rock!) After growing up as good friends, Tyler & Kerstin started dating at 18. And here we are, almost eight years later. And with a wedding proposal over dinner and roses, who could say no?!

Their excitement and love brought such a unique energy to their wedding day. Their family and friends were so supportive and excited for them (or maybe it was the booze and cigars?). Either way, there's nothing better than getting to witness two amazing people find happiness and the love of their lives. It was so much fun to film their wedding and they were so much fun to work with! Wishing Tyler & Kerstin a long, blessed marriage!

Check out the highlight reel below. Make sure to change the quality to watch in HD!

And a big THANK YOU to all of their amazing vendors!

Church: Our Lady of Sorrow's Catholic Church

Venue: Old South Country Club

Photographer: Lisa Robin Photography

Videography: Abidoodle Productions

Hair: Up Do's For I Do's

Makeup: Jordan Werre

DJ: Invincible Entertainment

Live Music: Mike Heuer

Flowers: Black Eyes Susan

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