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What Is An "Unplugged Ceremony," and Why Should I Have One?

If you've been in the wedding world for a while now, whether it's planning your own or contributing to them, you've probably heard the term "unplugged ceremony." If you haven't, an unplugged ceremony means asking the wedding guests to refrain from taking any mobile pictures or videos during the ceremony. This may or may not include sharing photos and videos on social media, as well.

As a professional, I see so many benefits to an unplugged ceremony:

1. Your Guests Are More Present

It's true! Have you ever taken a vacation and pulled up to a gorgeous location? Is the first thing you do pull out your phone to snap pictures? Have you ever snapped pictures and then immediately moved on, without even looking at the beautiful thing? I'm guilty of this, especially as someone who captures beauty professionally. There's something to say for having to put away your camera and just enjoying and taking in the view.

2. Your Professionals Can Handle It

You've spent money for the best photo and video coverage of your wedding day. Cell phone cameras, and their users, often just don't do you justice. I cringe when I see a million crappy phone photos hit Facebook the day after a wedding. And hey, they're memories and professionals can have long turn around times - I get that. If you're someone who knows you want the best of the best, let your photographer and videographer handle the big moments.

3. Screens In The Way

There are plenty of posts floating around with pictures where the bride and groom are at the altar and all the photographer can see is a dozen phones in the middle of the aisle. (Example A.) Eliminating this obstacle is a sure way to get perfect pictures and videos!

4. It Doesn't Have To Be All or Nothing

If you've noticed, I've been referring exclusively to an unplugged ceremony. Some people choose to have an entire unplugged wedding, where only professional photos are taken during the reception, as well. I think in this world of social media, it can be really fun to look back on the party of your reception with many different viewpoints, but maybe a fully unplugged wedding is for you instead! You're allowed to pick and choose and find the best fit for you and your wedding.

What do you think about unplugged weddings? Did you have one? Will you have one? Let us know!

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