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Kate & Brant | Wedding Highlights

I knew I was signing up for a unique and funky project when I first talked with Kate and Brant about their wedding day, and that's exactly what I got. Hot pink accents? Graffiti walls? All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey during the dance set? The greatest love story I've ever heard? Yep, this wedding had it all.

October 12th kicked off with panoramic views of The Wharf in DC as these two heartthrobs got ready at The Intercontinental. After their first look on the pier, we paraded around town with our whole crew (including Kirth Bobb Photography, the boss babes at Ida Rose Events, and a gigantic bridal bouquet). We even got to step into Maggie O'Neill's art gallery for a few fun portraits before venturing over to Blind Whino, the funkiest venue in DC.

"I remember realizing I loved him and feeling the immediate need to share the news," Kate told me. "We were sitting on my couch in my old basement apartment and I was acting so sketchy. He was legitimately concerned something was wrong and finally I was like, 'ughhh I LOVE YOU!'"

They both had the same moment of clarity that this would be The One when they were off in a field at night, "reveling in our love for each other," as Brant put it. "We started talking about spending the rest of our lives together and it felt perfectly right. I've never been so in love or excited for my future!"

Oh, and this was all AFTER they had their meet-cute at the airport after being individually invited to a wedding last minute, with only a few hours of notice. (You gotta stick around for the video for this story!)

When I asked them what their favorite thing about each other was, Brant told me, "Kate truly sees who I am and appreciates me for it. Her love and support mean the world to me. I also love that we have the same quirky sense of humor and make each other laugh every day."

Kate added, "I love Brant's through and through goodness. He is a genuine force of kindness and love and bestows it willingly on everyone in his path."

I feel seriously honored to have captured this moment in Kate & Brant's love story, and I can't wait for you to be a part of it, too! Check out the highlights below, and be sure to watch in HD!

And these amazing people brought their wedding to life!

🎥: Abidoodle Productions Videography 📸: Kirth Bobb 🏛: Culture House DC 📖: Ida Rose Events 💐: Darling and Daughters 💄: Own Your Wonder 👗: Nordstrom 🍴: RSVP Catering 🍸: Ace Beverage 🍰: Buttercream Bakeshop 💡: Brightly Ever After

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